From Rustic to Modern: Our Favorite Wedding Cake Styles for Every Theme

March 6, 2023

A wedding cake is beyond a mere sweet treat, it’s a centerpiece that embodies the love and alliance of the newlyweds. With weddings becoming more individualized, the wedding cake has emerged as a crucial facet to reflect the couple’s persona, concept, and flair. However, selecting from a plethora of wedding cake styles and designs can be quite daunting. Therefore, in this blog, we will present our favorite wedding cake styles that cater to every theme.

Rustic Wedding Cake

rustic wedding cakes

Rustic weddings have been all the rage for several years, and their popularity is showing no signs of subsiding. A rustic wedding is characterized by the use of natural and earthy components such as wood, greenery, and flowers. For such a theme, a naked cake or a semi-naked cake is an ideal choice. A naked cake is bereft of frosting or has scant frosting, while a semi-naked cake features a wafer-thin layer of frosting to impart a rustic and organic feel. To accentuate the natural elements of the theme, one can embellish the cake with fresh berries, flowers, or herbs.

Bohemian Wedding Cake

A bohemian wedding exudes unbridled and diverse energies. This theme is stimulated by nature, art, and culture. A hand-painted cake or a watercolor cake is the perfect wedding cake for a bohemian theme. A hand-painted cake is adorned with intricate designs painted by hand with edible colors, inspired by nature, art, or cultural patterns. Meanwhile, a watercolor cake is coated with a frosting that has a watercolor effect, a medley of pastel or vivid hues that align with the bohemian theme.

modern wedding cakeModern Wedding Cake

A modern wedding emanates sleek lines, minimalism, and finesse. This theme is inspired by contemporary art, architecture, and design. A geometric cake or a marble cake would be an excellent option for such a theme. A geometric cake showcases a geometric design crafted with fondant or frosting. It can be a simple triangle or an intricate hexagon, a perfect match for the modern theme. Conversely, a marble cake flaunts a marbled effect on the frosting, a blend of black and white, or pastel colors that exude modernity and sophistication.

Vintage Wedding Cakevintage wedding cakes in dfw tx

A vintage wedding oozes old-world charm and elegance. This theme draws inspiration from antique elements such as lace, pearls, and vintage cars. A lace cake or a pearl cake is the ultimate choice for a vintage theme. A lace cake boasts intricate lace patterns on the frosting crafted with fondant or edible lace. It can be a simplistic or complex pattern to align with the vintage theme. Meanwhile, a pearl cake features edible pearls on the frosting, a combination of white or ivory pearls that impart a vintage and refined touch.

beach themed wedding cakeBeach Wedding Cake

A beach wedding resonates with the sun, sand, and sea. This theme takes inspiration from beach and ocean elements such as shells, starfish, and seahorses. A beach-themed cake or a seashell cake is a perfect fit for a beach theme. A beach-themed cake displays a beachscape on the frosting crafted with fondant or edible images. It can be a simple or complex scene that matches the beach theme. In contrast, a seashell cake features edible seashells on the frosting, a combination of diverse seashells, or a solitary grand seashell that exudes a romantic and beachy vibe.


Your wedding cake should mirror your persona, style, and theme. Whether you’re opting for a rustic, bohemian, modern, vintage, or beach wedding, these wedding cake styles will satiate your desires and reflect your style.

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